by Mary Lakhan

Sunday afternoon inside the Pope Physical Education Center, the St. Francis Brooklyn Men’s Volleyball Team (3-5) defeated the New Jersey City University (NJCU) Gothic Knights (4-3) in a four-set match.

In the first set, the Gothic Knights outscored the Terriers 25-16. They took the set on a 15-7 run. In the second set, Terriers co-captain Michael Basile (outside hitter) was forced to leave the game due to an injury. However, the Terriers came out victorious with a 25-15 win. They continued as they took the third set 25-10 and later took the fourth set 25-22.

Top performers from the Gothic Knights were Jonathan Andrews, Julian Moreira, Jeffry Rodriguez, Brandon DaSilva, and Leo Ferrari.

Junior outside hitter Jonathan Andrews led his team with 14 points. He also recorded 13 kills, one assist, one ace, and 14 digs.

Senior opposite Julian Moreira finished with seven points, five kills, two blocks, and two digs.

Sophomore middle blocker Jeffry Rodriguez tallied 6.5 points, four kills, two assists, and one block.

Freshman middle blocker Brandon DaSilva finished with six points, four kills, one ace, and two blocks.

Sophomore outside hitter/setter Leo Ferrari finished with 1.5 points, one kill, 26 assists, one block, and eight digs.

From the Terriers, top performers were Dominick Pikura, James Henneberry, Johnny Ferraro, Andrew Piloto, and Derrick Truong.

Freshman libero Dominick Pikura led with a career-high of 18 points, 16 kills, three assists, one ace, and two blocks. He also finished with 13 digs.

Freshman middle blocker James Henneberry finished with 12.5 points, 10 kills one assist and three blocks.

Freshman outside hitter Johnny Ferraro also finished with 12.5 points. He also recorded seven kills, one assist, five aces, one block, and five digs.

Freshman setter Andrew Piloto finished with 7.5 points, five kills, 35 assists, two aces, one block, and six digs.

Junior libero/setter Derrick Truong finished with 10 digs and two assists.

The Terriers will be back in action on Thursday, February 27, as they take on Barton College in Wilson, North Carolina. Game starts at 7 p.m.

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